St. Louis Volunteers Show Active Olivet Center Progress

St. Louis OC

The St. Louis Jubilee Church has shown substantial progress in the preparation of their Olivet Center. Since the recently concluded national Mission Conference, the church has resumed renovations and is close to making the building functional for church activities with volunteers. 

The OC is projected to greatly enhance operations of the St. Louis Church. Moreover, for the summer, the St. Louis Jubilee Church hopes to host their summer retreat at the OC and is planning to hold BBQ's, potlucks, and other events open to the community in order to fellowship with its members and connect with neighboring communities. Additionally, Jubilee Church members have been evangelizing students at the University of Missouri. The church is planning to be a stronghold of peace and light in a region of racial and political tension. 

Furthermore, their goals for the remainder of the year are to increase the number of consistent Sunday Service attendants, registered members, committed members, and to establish a campus ministry at the University of Missouri, such as AM International. 

Jubilee Church's progress is very promising and will greatly strengthen the Mid-West Region and the US Mission as a whole. Yet, much more needs to be accomplished before the building is complete and more volunteers are needed. 

Please pray that the Jubilee Church accomplish its yearly goals and fulfill its purpose for our generation.