Olivet Assembly USA Gears Up For Registered Member Training

Olivet Assembly Registered Member Training

The Olivet Assembly of USA is gearing up for its first Registered Member Training session in Dover, from August 21-27th. Headquarters is seeking to aid churches in building their congregation by educating and inspiring registered members. This Registered Member Training is a pilot program that OA plans to eventually implement at the local church level.

Registered Members at churches within the Olivet Assembly are congregants who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior and regularly join the activities of the church. Local pastors have the opportunity to enroll their congregants into this program to receive guidance and mentoring from other dedicated Christians within the OA community. Meeting other believers allows congregants to witness how God is working in the lives of others beyond their local church.

It is OA's hope that this broader perspective will inspire and encourage congregants in their path of faith and see new possibilities for how they can contribute to their local churches .

"I hope every member can understand the Word of God deeply specially this time we will study the life of Jesus and the focus of the bible studies will be on salvation," OA Churches and Missions Director shared. "After completing the membership training I hope they serve their local church as well. I hope this membership training can be the bridge for congregants to take the next step."

The schedule will consist of the following: daily bible studies, prayer workshops, prayer meetings, daily assignments, fellowship, volunteer work, and recreational activities. As of now, the plan is to include the following lessons: The Sermon on the Mount, The Life of Jesus, The Ancestors of Faith, The Four Spiritual Laws, and The Kingdom of God.

Ultimately, the goal is to encourage growth of committed members in local churches. Committed members, are church members who - like Registered Members who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior and join the regular activities of the church - have also made a commitment to seek God's Kingdom in their life, expressing this according to the gifts the Lord has given them.

OA asks your prayers for the Membership Training Session preparations.