Midwest Four States Joint Summer Retreat Ends with Abundant Grace

The Midwest region Summer retreat 2017 held at Knoer Lodge in Clear Lake Iowa on August 20th.
(Photo : OA USA)

The Sunday Service and Closing Service of the Midwest joint Summer retreat where congregants from Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota and Kansas gathered, was held in the Knoer Lodge in Clear Lake Iowa on August 20th. The congregation was led to know the commission God gave believers to go fishing, feed the Lord's lambs and build His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

The Iowa minister delivered a Sermon from Matthew 13:47-50 and explained the meaning of fishing is evangelism. She encouraged attendants to go out to spread the good news and testify about the grace each one received at the retreat.

"The message is very challenging for me. To show that we love the Lord is to feed his lamb.  I could love the ones that love me but to love the stranger or the one who hate me is not easy," reflected an attendant from Sioux Falls.

"The dream of kingdom of God comes to me more clearly through this retreat. I come to this earth is in the plan and will of God and also I can see the fall and corruption inside of me. But only by the precious blood of Jesus Christ I can be saved." Reflected the minister from Witchita.

During the 3-day retreat, ministers taught lectures on creation, fall and salvation. Leaders from Jubilee World Center lead praise sessions throughout the event. A prayer meeting and a talent show were also part of the program as well as activities on the beach and lake. Participants headed back to their own city on Sunday with abundant grace and the eager desire to testify the grace received at the retreat.