2017 Olivet Membership Training Begins

Olivet Membership Training 2017
(Photo : OA USA)

Olivet Assembly USA commenced its anticipated week-long membership training on Monday, August 21st at Olivet Leadership Institute building in Dover, New York. Young members from several churches have arrived in Dover to attend the program that will continue until August 27th.

The program will be led by 10 Bible teachers, including some ministry leaders. This program consists of four Bible lectures per day followed by a workshop. The lectures this week are focusing on the Sermon on the Mount, the Gospels, and the Kingdom of God. Moreover, there are also workshops on Christian leadership, Christian marriage, spiritual life & prayer, Olivet Assembly's mission, and the greater vision of WOA.  Attendees are accommodated at nearby motels for the week. Breakfast is provided for them, in addition to lunch and dinner at the dining hall.  

The Olivet Membership Training is intended to educate registered members in the Word of God, the traditions of our church, and the mission of our Church's organization. It is OA's hope that each attendee become more involved with their local churches in proclaiming the Gospel and use their gifts to serve the Lord.

This is the first annual Membership Training, and the ultimate goal is for these training sessions to be held at the local church level. Until that becomes feasible, these sessions will be held in Dover.

Let us pray that these young leaders rise up and devote themselves to God's kingdom, evangelizing people of all nations, and expanding the body of Christ.


Olivet Assembly USA established OMT to help local churches raise members to greater commitment to God. Participants include members from local churches and ministry interns in Dover. The week-long program requires registered member status in a church to join.