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AM Harvard Begins With New Heart & Great Hope for Fall Semester

AM Harvard
(Photo : AM)

AM Harvard will resume its activities in the last week of August as the fall semester begins. There is a great hope for new advancements in the mission there. 

Apostolos Missions Harvard chapter leader will return to Harvard University with a greater passion for mission after a two month internship in Dover, NY.

AM Harvard was registered last year by the grace of God. AM leader testified how much she wishes to reach out to suffering students through AM. 

"I'm really excited to find more people this semester. I have more confidence and a bigger passion after coming to Dover and seeing our ministry in a grander way," the AM leader shared.

AM staff discussed about the ways to develop the mission at Harvard. Ultimately, evangelism is a spiritual work and the souls will follow the person who has true conviction in the truth they are proclaiming. If the evangelist is firm and deeply convinced of the Gospel, then the souls will recognize that light and follow. 

The AM leader will focus on evangelizing undergraduate students this semester. The goal is to confirm new leaders for the chapter by next year. She will reach out to pass Bible students and also pray to unite them more with Boston Immanuel Church. 

AM Harvard is very hopeful this semester. Please pray for the advancement of Boston mission.