2017 Membership Training Concludes, Participants Share Testimonies

US Membership Training 2017
(Photo : OA USA)

The 2017 Olivet Membership Training program held its closing service on the morning of August 26, marking the end of the lectures with a sermon on the qualities of the church touched by the Holy Spirit, followed by testimonies from participants about their experience during the week-long program.

The program was organized by OA USA as a pilot project to help churches train members designated at least as registered member level or above. 

On Saturday afternoon the participants will continue with an outing to a nearby village and join volunteer cleaning work in the OC. chapel followed by movie night and prayer. The schedule on Sunday will include service at 11 am and then departures from the participants.

The sermon delivered on Saturday morning by OA President Francis Helguero was from Acts 2:42-47 about the way the Holy Spirit-filled church functioned and how the faith in Jesus Christ allowed the church to grow greatly in number.

"The work of the Holy Spirit helps the members of the church to work together in ways that they could not do on their own. The personal relationship with God allows believers to begin expanding their hearts and minds to embrace God's will and predestination to reach out to all those he will call," said P. Helguero. After a photo-taking session, a period of testimonies followed.

Those who gave testimonies shared personal realizations of the work of God during the training period. One participant shared how she realized that God had been calling her a long time before she even realized it. In the prayer meeting on Friday, she realized that God had been calling her since she was 15 years old, but there were several years more in between of suffering before she finally accepted God's call.

Another participant related that this training period had been his first opportunity to intensively study the bible for such a sustained period of time.

On Sunday, participants will now be returning to their churches with this experience and it is the hope of organizers that all that they have learned in this week can strengthen their relationship with God and open the way to realize their commission for God's kingdom. Please pray for their continued growth in faith.