US Mission Calls on Churches to Begin 40-day Walk of Bible Reading, Prayer from Sept. 1

40 Day Walk
(Photo : OA USA)

From Sept 1, US and Canada mission will urge all churches to enter into a 40-day bible reading and prayer campaign for focused on setting the right spiritual focus in the lives of all the congregants. OA churches will urge all members and anyone seeking to know God to participate in this effort.

The main gathering times for the churches which in clude the Sun, Wed services, as well Friday prayer meetings and Monday through

Friday morning services will be emphasized as key focal points of activity.

Children's programs for churches will also be encouraged to be developed to care for the spiritual growth of kids.

Bible study programs should also be made known to all members and participants for additional times of spiritual communion with God.

Meanwhile, a renewed effort for evangelism and outreach participation  will be made among the church leaders anto encourage new believers and leaders to emerge in the churches during that time.

Prayer programs will be enhanced and expanded to help members and congregants to seek God earnestly. Church leaders will prayerfully discern the way to encourage these efforts in a way the serves local church members best.

"It is by renewing our focus on God and setting aside our own ways that churches can be truly faithful to the calling from the Lord," said the OA USA president.

May this time of spiritual awakening bring revival to churches and communities across the United States and Canada.