US Ministers Prepare to Raise New Christian Leaders with Special Events

(Photo : Olivet Assembly USA)

OA USA encouraged mission leaders to hold either membership training or mini-retreats by the last week of September or first week October to raise new members as the US goes toward the General Assembly.

The guidance was issued on Monday during the mission conference with the church ministers. The US mission is aiming for establishing new leaders.

"Giving the bible messages during a focused time will help to train the bible students or the members to really focus on God's word and have their level increase. Raising newcomers to RMs and RMs to CMs is the important step all churches should take," said the OA President. "If they grow in faith and are distinguished, they will be able to take the next step to joing Olivet Leadership Institute, possible internships and leadership positions in churches or ministries."


Leaders are being encouraged to be clear on the standards they are using for setting the administrative categories of "Registered Member" and "Committed Member." The RM standard requires that a person believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and regularly attend the services of the church during the week, bible studies and fellowship activities. The "committed member" standard also requires that members be active participants in assisting or co-working with their church pastors going with the vision and dream for expanding God's Kingdom.

All ministers are encouraged to consider deeply how their churches and members are being organized to prepare for expansion of new departments in the church and for establishing new ministries in their mission fields. 

Please pray for the growth of mission in the US and Canada.