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Olivet Teen Mission Announces Goals & Focuses towards GA

Olivet Teen Mission
(Photo : Olivet Assembly USA)

OTM has set its goals and focuses towards the OA General Assembly. Now chapters and ministry staff are uniting efforts to complete these goals by the end of October in order for OTM to have a strong foundation at the national and local level.

The overall focus will be on discipling teens in local chapters and raising staff at the headquarters. The ministry is going towards setting up National Leaders, HQ staff, and continental leaders. With the new interns, OTM HQ is working closely with missionaries from various regions to set up leaders in their churches. Interns are starting to communicate actively with missionaries to better understand their current Teen Mission status, while the ministry representative is arranging times to hold conferences with different regions. 

Additionally, the ministry is seeking to develop more resources, more specifically a brochure and video. Through these resources, potential leaders, as well as teens, will have a better understanding of the ministry's vision and mission. The hope is to truly inspire many through these resources to participate in the work of OTM. 

The HQ is also developing an internship program for 2018 to recruit short-term and long-term staff who can help with the administration needs at the ministry's center. The program will be offered each quarter starting from January and will be promoted in this month to allow candidates sufficient time for fundraising. Meanwhile, the most urgent needs of the ministry are a designer, mission, and fundraising staff. HQ will work closely with other ministries and regions to seek a volunteer in each of these departments. 

Chapters will focus on gathering teens who purely long for the Word of God. Leaders are being instructed on starting a Teen Bible Study Group to attract teenagers who are longing for the truth to be revealed in their lives. Through gathering these teens, a strong foundation can be set up in the ministry to develop other programs.

May God guide the ministry's efforts towards the GA. Teenagers are eagerly looking for Christ-centered leaders to guide them in this often confusing time period in their lives. OTM truly desires to raise these leaders and staff towards the Assembly so that many youth can come to be touched by the Lord's love.