US Churches Boost Campus Evangelism as Fall Semester Kicks Off

Churches began the first group Bible studies on campuses across the United States
(Photo : OA USA)

Churches began the first group Bible studies on campuses across the United States this week as thousands of students returned to their universities to start the new fall semester.

Church ministers and members are focusing on campus evangelism to preach the Word of God to young people. They have organized multiple study groups per week where they invite students to learn about the Bible and salvation through Jesus Christ, share their reflections and pray together. Through their efforts, churches also wish to reach to freshmen who are coming back to their cities and looking for a Church to attend.

"We hope the students can begin to diligently seek the Word of God through these groups and eventually attend services and other events, growing in the community of faith," shared a minister from a local church in Atlanta, which is hosting group studies at Atlanta's Georgia state university. "We hope the students with open hearts, consistently make these meetings and have their lives totally changed," he added.

Churches have also been actively organizing "Welcome events" and other social events on campus such as language classes and food fellowships like Bubble Tea Social, Pizza and Ice Cream Parties to meet new students.

For years, Olivet Assembly USA churches have been committed to mobilize their ministers and congregation to reach students on campuses making it a top priority in their evangelism efforts. Through young people great revival has come to the mission field.

Please pray for the evangelism on campus so students may be changed forever committing themselves to Jesus, the Kingdom of God and may they unite well with their local churches.