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OTM Increases Networking with US Missionaries to Raise Leaders

USA network
(Photo : OA USA)

Olivet Teen mission is networking more with US church ministers to receive more information about teens in their churches and members who could become potential leaders for teenagers. 

As part of the networking effort, a weekly online conference will be set up to highlight and discuss the urgent issues of U.S. Teen Mission. This communication has great mutual value. Through it, OTM's HQ can focus and work in a more specific direction as well as encourage the local leaders in their mission field. Also, ministers can share some of the challenges they face when ministering to teens, ask any questions, and share their prayer topics, all of which will be useful information for further guidance. 

This country is especially important to OTM's strategy since its where the fellowship's headquarter is located so it will faciliate for emerging leaders to be trained at the headquarters and in the same way strenghten the HQ. 

Please pray for the work of God and the development of Teen Mission in this country. 

Olivet Teen Mission is a member of Olivet Assembly USA that serves to offer youth the care their spirits' needs through offering opportunities that allow them to grow as a disciples of Jesus Christ. OTM aspires to provide teenagers with the resources they need to be powerful leaders in their schools and society as a whole. Teens in this ministry will be surrounded by spiritual mentors that will support them in following the way of Jesus Christ.

The verse that OTM holds onto is Matthew 5:14 "You are the light of the world..." Though in a society where teenagers are exposed to numerous paths that lead away from God, this generation has great potential in the eyes of the Lord. Once they experience the salvation of Jesus Christ, teenagers will be a bright light in the darkest places. This is the vision that Olivet Teen Mission maintains in its mission to bring the everlasting hope of Jesus Christ to teenagers everywhere.