Olivet Assembly Organizes History of the Denomination to Share with Public

OA USA Tentmaking Conference

Olivet Assembly USA is organizing the history of the denomination to be shared publicly to strengthen its centripetal force, which eventually binds each and every one of its members in one vision and one direction.

OA formed a committee to introduce clearly the root and origin of the organization to present where and how the denomination was constructed, as well as its tradition. Some key areas of description will be its mission to teach the Gospel to let people gain the basic foundation of salvation through Jesus Christ by faith alone. In addition, OA will describe its leadership and organizational structure.

"Really understand not only our strong faith in the Bible and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus, but also to come to know our church and how it started. We want our members, newcomers and potential members, to really understand how our church began," shared OA President Francis Helguero.

People come to the organization with all different motives and expectations. Therefore, the church should lay the basic understanding well in both areas of theory and practice to build up its identity clearly to know the purpose of being a part of the organization.

OA believes unity is formed when each member of the body stands solidly by knowing the history of the church and identity as a member.

The history of the denomination will be published on the website within the next couple of days.