Outreach Programs in U.S. Increase Ahead of Nationwide Membership Trainnings and Retreats

Outreach Programs in September
(Photo : OA USA)

OA churches across the United States have increasingly added outreach programs to their regular church activities, collaborating with other OA ministries to reach out to more people with the Gospel.

Youth Fellowship Day, Praise and Prayer Night, Free Language Class, Piano Class, Guitar Class, BBQ outreach and Social events for Senior Adults, have been some of the programs launched recently at different OA churches.

In Raleigh, North Carolina, an outreach event for senior adults showed great response from attendants which are one by one adding people to the Bible studies offered in the church.

"The key for the social event is network, build a network with people and invite them individually to attend the church," shared one of the event organizers in Raleigh. The church uses social media mobile applications to connect with hundreds of people at once.

"This Fellowship Day was a special one and while planning out this one, many new students expressed their interest in joining next month's fellowship time. Atlanta Bethel and YEF have been blessed with many new students interested in bible studies and our church," shared Atlanta's Bethel church youth minister.

"Because of this we hope to have more events like these, as well as, more biblically based mini retreats for them. We ask that you all would please continue to pray for this harvest time and for the continued growth of the church, YEF Atlanta, Elim and other ministries and para-churches."

In Wichita, Kansas, a Praise and Prayer night organized by a local church welcomed nearly 20 new people from the community and encouraged the church's worship leaders to hold the event more frequently.

The outreach programs are efforts ahead for the preparation of regional and local Membership Training programs and mini-retreats scheduled to be held during the last week of September and first week of October.

Churches pray for the blessings of God to be poured on their mission fields and help them to make disciples of Jesus Christ that want to serve for the Kingdom of God.