NY Immanuel Church Centralizes Strength in Developing the Bronx Headquarters

Immanuel Community Church in New York City
(Photo : OA USA)

NY Immanuel Community Church in New York City adjusted current strategies and mission focus to be centralized in developing the Bronx headquarters.

First and foremost Immanuel will move all its mission activities to the Bronx area and nearby colleges. Programs will be provided to evangelize teens, young adults and families in the Bronx neighborhoods. While campus mission effort with YEF will be shifted to nearby City Colleges and Columbia to evangelize students from the campus. 

Second, the Chinese service will be temporarily canceled. The Church will centralize its effort in offering the English service, and seek to open Spanish service as the second language service in the near future. "Once the Bronx headquarters is settled, we can open up the branch Churches in different locations and offer diverse language services according to the needs such as Chinese and Korean services," said one Immanuel minister. 

NY Immanuel Church ministers pray that the newly adjusted focus and strategies can boost the development of headquarter and raise many Kingdom workers in the city to build the Church together. 

Please pray for Immanuel Church Bronx property to successfully develop this month that by God's great providence, help of the Holy Spirit come forth the revival of NYC mission.