US and Canada Mission Main Direction Until GA: Evangelism and Raising Disciples

Olivet Assembly USA
(Photo : OA USA)

The main direction for US and Canada mission until the General Assembly is evangelism and raising people diligently to become members, the representative for the region said in a recent mission conference.

For the OA USA headquarters, each of the regional headquarters and all the churches are often evangelizing at universities and other populated areas, seeking prepared people who are eager to put their abilities and talents into use. 

"For US mission, our hope should be for God's Kingdom and in many ways, it is about bringing in the future workers for this," the representative said.

He noted that implied in God's Kingdom is salvation in Jesus Christ. Churches across the United States have in recent months had the important emphasis on teaching well the basics of the bible, especially through Romans.

Other aspects of raising church members have recently focused on being able to speak clearly and well about the denomination and its history. OA is working to organize this aspect to further strengthen the churches.

Churches in the United States 

Other activities which have been emphasized are related to acquisition of Olivet Centers that can become mission hubs that will house multiple ministries over time and strengthen numerous mission areas, including education and entities to help meet the financial needs of the churches.

With major mission works taking place currently in Dover to strengthen the world headquarters, churches across the region have a good example of how development will need to take place in the states to be able to support numerous members.

As part of this work to raise the members, leaders at all levels should also report well about the activity taking place using online tools including their public websites.

"It is a permanent aspect of the mission work," said the representative. "It is the same as showing that I arrived at work and did work. If I did not have those updates then it is as if I did not work that day."

Let's keep praying that the focus on raising members across the US and Canada can continue strongly, opening the way for mission to expand through various ministries, centers and other activities.