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Nashville To Host First-Ever Music Recording Retreat Under New Initiative Sept. 25-Oct. 1

Recording Fellowship
(Photo : OA USA)

Starting Sept. 25, Jubilee Nashville will host the first event of a new initiative by Jubilee World called the Recording Fellowship, which will be headed by Jubilee World Executive Director and Music Producer Aaron R. Reppert.

The new initiative is a music recording fellowship where musicians and producers gather with the primary purpose to write and record new songs, as well as train their professional music and performance skill. In addition, participants will be able to share in a Christian faith experience that includes prayer, breaking bread, and other community-building activities.

The first-ever gathering under the new initiative will be a music recording retreat taking place at the recording studios in Nashville, Tenn., between Sept. 25-Oct. 1. The weeklong fellowship will gather weeknights Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, as well as Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Reppert says he hopes the fellowship will be meaningful and fun for participants, but also productive and collaborative, praying that many powerful and inspirational Christian songs may be published.