Churches Serve Local Communities with Meals and Seek Opportunities to Connect

Community Outreach
(Photo : OA USA)

Olivet Assembly churches in the United States are really active serving the community and connecting with other local organizations to provide assistance when needed and open opportunities to reach to people with the Gospel.

On September 18th, Jubilee Church in Nashville for instance, prepared a meal for the Monday class of Project Connect Nashville, one local non-profit organization which offers work-like courses to provide knowledge, skills, and encouragement to individuals that are stuck in the cycle of poverty.

The church ministers and members prepared and cooked the meal on their own and served the meals for the attendants. People received the meals happily.

Earlier in April, the church in Nashville helped the annual fundraising of an organization called Project Connect Nashville which was introduced to them by a church member last year. In other ocassions they have offered meal preparations and child care for this organization.

In the same way as Nashville, other churches across the country actively serve their local communities and pray for greater opportunities to connect with local residents offering volunteering in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.