US Churches Testify About Work of Mission and Growing Christian Communities

Olivet Assembly Centers
(Photo : OA USA)

US Churches have been preparing to testify at the upcoming General Assembly about their hope for growing Christian communities through the work of churches and ministries across the country.

At the GA, there will be presentations on US Olivet Centers and mission. The reports will include topics related to the vision for OCs, the importance of their geography for mission, what ministers believe God has done through these centers in 2017, the need for construction and renovation through new Nehemiah Project teams and how the center will grow with additional people.

OA is encouraging mission leaders to ensure a clear usage plan for each site that will make full use of the facility for mission activity.

OCs are an example of a healthy and vibrant Christian community working together for expanding God's Kingdom.

Please pray for the expansion of mission through Olivet Centers.