Ministers Hopeful to Grow New Members, Share Outlook for Newcomers

New York Immanuel Church
(Photo : OA USA)

US churches - which are aiming for reaching evangelism goals ahead of the General Assembly - gave reports on Wednesday about their mission fields. In a mission conference they reported hope for growing the number of registered members and committed members while also sharing outlooks about newcomers attending church bible studies.

The church in Nashville reported that they are hopeful a pair of newcomers can join bible study regularly. They came to the Sunday service after hearing about the church from someone who did bible study there two years ago. There are newcomers at two local universities that are sharing grace well, the minister reported. Also, ministers are hopeful that one church participant can become a committed member soon. He is currently doing online bible study from a far-away country he is visiting. Membership classes are also taking place involving some newcomers.

In DC, two members at the church are growing in faith. One is serving in the praise team newly and another is stabilizing herself with a job. There is one Japanese bible study student that is stable and it is hopeful that he can become a Christian.

In New Haven there are 3 consistent newcomers for bible studies. Minister is hopeful God can send prepared people soon to become RMs and CMs in the church. A mini-retreat is being prepared for early October. A registration page was created and poster is being made  to gather students.

In New York City, ministers are focused on closing on the church property acquisition which is set for Thursday, September 28th. A minister at the church is hopeful that as the church settles with its own building, that numerous people can gather at the large church.

In Detroit, the minister is focused on campus evangelism at two universities and is hopeful to set up bible studies. The church is also focused on providing outreach programs to gather more people.

In Richmond, the minister is seeking to find a new church location while also focusing on campus evangelism. There are 4 regular bible study students and the minister is hopeful to find more. She is praying for current RMs to grow well in faith. The minister is urging prayers for the mission in the city and also to have renewed spiritual strength.

For Boston mission, the church has prepared a Romans mini-retreat. The minister and committed member are evangelizing at local universities and posting posters. There are also regular attendants for Harvard AM, which is running through the church committed member. At one school there is a regular newcomer. 

In Wichita, the minister added a bible study student that can come three times per week and the minister wishes to add three additional regular bible study students. One person may join a language outreach class. An autumn festival is being planned for the coming week, with eight people already confirmed to attend. The minister aims for at least 12 newcomers.

The minister which recently arrived in Seattle reports the church will enter into a new location this week. Last week there was bible study for the first time with the minister at a major university. The minister will also hold a Friday bible study on campus. A mini-retreat will be held in October.

The Burlington church has confirmed its mini-retreat theme of the "Four Spiritual Laws" and aims for 12 attendees. There is an outreach event planned for October and campus evangelism is increasing.

St. Louis mission reports campus evangelism. The church which is located in an Olivet Center needs to be prepared for the winter season, so the minister is assisting in cleaning up of some areas in the building that need help. She aims to set a campus ministry leader by the General Assembly.

Please pray for the faithful work of mission to continue with the help of the Holy Spirit ahead of the General Assembly and that new members may emerge in the churches who can testify to the grace of Jesus Christ and hope for God's Kingdom.