U.S. Churches Focus on Families as Basic Model of the Kingdom of God

US Churches focus on Families
(Photo : OA USA)

Churches throughout the United States are putting an emphasis on activities to strengthen families as the basic model of the Kingdom of God with the conviction that when a family is firmly planted in faith and is healthy, God's Kingdom grows and gets strengthened. 

Churches are increasingly including family activities in their weekly schedules such as Husbands' Groups, Wives' Groups, Book Clubs, Family Photo Sessions, children activities, prayer meetings and one-on-one counseling sessions. 

During the meetings, family members are able to gain a biblical perspective on subjects such as love, relationships, family problems, family values, children, life and work, among others.  Families are built upon faith in Christ, Bible study, prayer and church participation. This leads to: commitment, hope, encouragement and understanding. What God has blessed, let no one put asunder. 

As an example, a local church in Washington, D.C. started a Husband's Group which is helping men bond together.

"Our conversations started out by discussing the state of our health," the Men's group leader shared about their latest meeting in October. "Then the conversation finally zeroed in on how everything is going in each of our own households. We shared some of our weaknesses such as expecting too much out of our spouse and longing to get fulfilled through our spouse what only God can do."

"Thank God for the opportunity to bond through this time and please pray for the group," he added.

Other activities allow for church members to receive focused prayer. In a local church in New York, the local Elim Center chapter, collaborates with the church to pray for women. At a recent prayer meeting, more than a dozen wives gathered and shared their struggles and reflected on the importance of allowing God to work in their lives.

"When the love of the cross poured down from above, my heart totally changed. I witnessed the core must be the cross and through Jesus Christ to know God. I could see my selfishness in my family life, because I did not see the true love before," shared a wife who attended the gathering.

Olivet Assembly U.S. churches collaborate with other para-church organizations to guide families towards Jesus Christ. One of them is the Faith and Family Foundation who provides resources on all aspects of Christian family care, including pre-marriage counseling, marital guidance and counseling, family-raising, childcare, children's education, and senior care. 

Please pray for the healthy growth of families in the Olivet Assembly churches in the nation.