OA US Churches Shares Thanksgiving Plans for Services and Events


As Thanksgiving is closely approaching, churches in the United States are sharing their Thanksgiving plans for services and events.

In the Southeast region, Nashville Jubilee Church is planning to hold a Thanksgiving service and dinner on Thanksgiving Thursday and a worship night on the following day.  They hope to invite people who will stay in Nashville without a family.  Atlanta Bethel Church will hold an early Thanksgiving service and potluck on November 19th. 

In the Midwest region, St. Louis Jubilee Church will hold a Thanksgiving service with a time for giving testimony and table fellowship. Des Moines Sophia Church plans to host a Thanksgiving service and lunch on both November 19th and 26th. Detroit Calvary Church will invite neighbors and students for Thanksgiving service and table fellowship.

In the Northeast Region, New Haven Peniel Church will hold a Thanksgiving celebration service on Sunday and a prayer and fellowship time will follow after the service.  Boston Immanuel Church shared that they will hold a Thanksgiving service at 11 am and have a lunch fellowship together.  Burlington Church will have a Thanksgiving service and dinner.  

In the Mid-Atlantic Region, Washington DC Bethel Church will hold a prayer meeting with a potluck lunch and Raleigh Deer Park Church will hold a Thanksgiving service, testimony, and table fellowship outreach.  

In Southwest, SF Gratia Community Church will have a Thanksgiving service and dinner. They are actively inviting local people and students from SFSU. 

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States on which they gather to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. May all US Churches have an abundant harvest season.