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OTM and US Churches Initiate Joint Project for Teen National Camp

Olivet Teen Mission
(Photo : Olivet Assembly USA)

Olivet Teen Mission and US Churches are initiating a joint project to gain and raise teen members around the country by hosting a national camp. OTM US plans to set up a venue for the event and one of the potential locations is Chicago Crosspoint Community Church. 

Chicago Church has been very active in evangelism of teens. In a recent report, a minister of the church shared that "High schoolers are joining bible study newly every week through their friends. Since they are very young spiritually, there is a great need for a prayer and bible study." Through diverse outreach classes, 15-20 Teens are studying the Bible regularly. Since the church is located in an Olivet Center, it can be a good place to hold an event.  

U.S already has teens who are growing in the word and who are actively receiving Bible studies. This includes the second generation teens from San Francisco, Riverside, and Dover, and OTM members from Richmond, Baltimore, the Bronx, and Atlanta. OTM US seeks to hold these gathering so that the faith of the teens can grow and be renewed by God's word.

Further discussion will be made to confirm the date, venue and more details. Please pray for this initial event for US Teen missions can be prepared well and turns into a powerful event to gather more teens.