OA Churches Pre-Christmas Events to Remind of the True Meaning of Christmas


OA Churches in the United States and Canada shared the plan for their Pre-Christmas Event to remind of the true meaning of Christmas.  It is a season to reflect on the love of God in sending forth His one and only son, Jesus Christ, for man. Through the events like retreat, worship concert, attendees can remember God's deep love for humanity and express their love and gratitude for the grace of God. 

Nashville Jubilee church is preparing a special Christmas event called "Christmas Jubilee Night" on December 15th. The event aims to remind people of the meaning of Christmas, why it is celebrated. The event will include praise, message, games, performance and gift exchange. Ministers are promoting the event through church website and social media. inviting people with sincere prayer.  They pray that all members could join and invite their friends actively to have a joyful gathering. 

Montreal Immanuel Church, collaborating with Jubilee Montreal, will host an advent Christmas Concert on December 15th. The program showcases different Christian music from various genres led by Church musicians. Since the music is widely appreciated in Montreal and French culture in general, the organizers pray that the event will touch many souls through the gospel songs. Ministers hope to evangelize many lost souls and proclaim the birth of Christ through Christian music and dance. 

Burlington Agape Church is preparing for Early Christmas services, a bilingual service on 17th, and English service on December 20th. The Bilingual service will target the Chinese members and the Chinese American families. The English service will target the residents near the church. 

Wichita Cannan Church is holding a retreat on December 16-17th to meditate on the meaning of Jesus's Birth deeply. The theme of the retreat is from Matthew 1:23, "The virgin will conceive the give birth to a son and they will call him Immanuel, which means God with us." There will be three bible studies, fellowships, talent show and gift exchange activities. May God work in many people's heart through this event of US churches for Christmas season. 

Chicago Crosspoint Church is practicing to hold a worship concert with a newly formed worship team.  Detroit Calvary Church will also hold a Christmas retreat and Sunday service this week. 

Please pray that God may grant abundant grace during all the events of OA churches and may all attendees be reminded and refreshed by the great grace of Jesus Christ and be transformed by the unconditional love of Christ, in His humble birth and cross.