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AM UCSD Prepares Mini-Christmas Retreat on Campus: 'Christ, the Light of the World'

am ucsd

Apostolos Missions Riverside volunteers will gather on Dec. 16 to hold a mini-retreat on the UCSD campus. They are praying and planning to welcome new students who will be on the campus during the winter break. 

The retreat has the theme "Christ, the Light of the World." The messages will focus on Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. The AM staff are praying for a total of 12 UCSD students to attend the event fully. They hope to find 3 student-leaders that will comprise of 1 prayer warrior, 1 preacher, and 1 praise leader. AM UCSD also prays to register AM as a club and find a good center through the new students that are found. 

Additionally, AM UCSD members have been walking a path of 40 days until Christmas. The goal is to find 3 new Bible studies in each week. They will open 3 new Bible sessions to teach students at different levels. The team is holding a set-time prayer to witness mission breakthrough and the guidance of God upon all of the students. 

Please pray for AM UCSD's Christmas plans and for a graceful retreat.