Ministry Focus

OTM US National Camp Recruits Volunteers, Final Preparations

Olivet Teen Mission
(Photo : Olivet Assembly USA)

As the Olivet Teen Mission National Camp in the United States is approaching, the OTM staff is setting up the final touches of the camps.

OTM USA is currently focusing on the recruitment of volunteers as they are so precious and important for the development of teens. They will assist in helping throughout the camp and provide great support for the event.  

So far two parents have volunteered to be part of the camp. There are also about 3 other members from San Francisco, Riverside, and Dover who would like to participate as volunteers.

In addition to this, OTM USA has been reaching out to different ministers in Dover and in the Bronx in order to set them up as Bible teachers during the camp. Already 5 ministers have been confirmed.

Now OTM USA will be focusing on the activities and the flyer design, food budgeting, and buying all the supplied needed.

Please continue to pray for the OTM US National Camp and pray for all the second generation in the region to be able to attend and receive abundant grace. May the power of the Holy Spirit fall upon each one of the teens during this time.