2017 East Coast Christmas Retreat Concludes with Abundant Grace and Testimonies

US East Coast Christmas Retreat

The 2017 Dover Christmas Retreat concluded on December 25th with the closing service begin held at 8 am that morning. The sermon taught that Jesus came to this world as a savior for those condemned and punished for their sins. It is for this reason that believers can celebrate the Christmas season with great hope and joy. After Jesus' death and resurrection, the Son gave those who were saved His authority and power to spread the gospel to the ends of the Earth for the establishment of the Kingdom of God. 

The overall theme of the retreat was found from Luke 2:14 "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." A total of 4 lectures were delivered by senior pastors from the book of Romans, emphasizing the role of Jesus in salvation, sanctification, and the Kingdom of God. Additionally, several activities including a prayer night, praise and worship night, and Christmas play were held. 

With the conclusion of the graceful service, all of the members gathered for a group photo. After the photo, a time of giving testimony lasted a period of two hours. Newcomers and longtime members of the church came forward to give their testimonies of how the abundant word of God changed their lives during the retreat. Many reflected on how they deeply realized how they are a sinner and how much they need Jesus in order to have salvation. There was a great sincerity that poured out as each person shared their tears and how this retreat refreshed them spiritually. 

The time of reflection continued until everyone left for lunch, at which point the retreat program officially ended. Ministers are staying in Dover for the US mission conference, which begins tomorrow with the opening service at 9am.