Detroit Dreams of Revival Through Calvary Church


Calvary Community Church in Detroit, Michigan, released the January project for evangelism and the program of the church in the mission news. Evangelism Campaign was initiated with the verse, "Fill the Jars with Water" in the Book of John 2 verse 7.

Calvary Church that has been active in reaching out the neighboring community welcomed new Pastors and Staff last year. Pastor Brian Kim, the new lead pastor, envisions the church revival, "We pray that the Lord may fill every role and seat to powerfully spread the gospel to the city. Before bringing change to the people around, church should be first changed and renewed with equipped men and women to serve."

The Evangelism Project covers diverse programs to effectively reach local people; Outreach events, Language classes of Chinese and Korean, Martial Art Class and Sports invite various age groups to the church.

The church is also actively remodelling and renovating old facilities and rooms to utilize every space to welcome people.

"We plan to diversify programs further to come closer to everybody in the city, regardless of gender and age," said Pastor Kim.

May the church bear fruit of evangelism in the beginning month of the year and bring comfort to many in the city.