OA North America Annual Calendar of Events Released for 2018


OA North America is starting the New Year off by releasing all of the future events for the coming year including retreats, OLI programs, and membership training. The goal of this year is to increase the membership of all churches to a minimum of 24 members. Additionally, the attendance of all North American events will strive to increase as well, giving churches and regions plenty of time to prepare well ahead in advance.

The three major retreats this year will be held during the three quarters of the year. The 2018 Easter Retreat will be held from March 30th to April 1st. The Summer Retreat will be held from August 24th-26th. The Christmas Retreat will be held from December 23rd to the 25th.

The Summer Olivet Leadership Institute program will be held during the month of June from the 4th until the 22nd for three full weeks. The Summer OLI program is going forward with the goal of reaching 40 students. With this program, a diverse group of new leaders will be raised that will help to plant new churches and become new leaders in fellowships across the US.

Finally, membership training will be held in the month of August during the first full week. Through this time new members from churches all across North America will be able to come and deepen their faith and understanding of the Word of God. Churches will be greatly strengthened through this training as their members will be able to co-work together with parachurch organizations.

With the annual schedule being released at the beginning of the year, the General Office hopes to prepare a year of growth and constant improvement. With a flow of members expecting to come in through increased evangelism, these events will be a large bowl to contain and strengthen them with the Word of God.