Ministry Focus

Music Ministry Aims to Launch New Chapters in 15 Cities of U.S. and Canada

Jubilee World


The music ministry, Jubilee North America, released a goal of U.S. and Canada mission. By March of 2018, the ministry aims to launch new chapters in 15 cities that include New York City, Nashville, San Francisco, Detroit, Montreal (CAN), Chicago, Washington, D. C., Atlanta, Seattle, and Toronto (CAN),Boston, New Haven, San Diego, Houston, and Vancouver (CAN).

Jubilee will ensure and solidify the spiritual stability of Jubilee leaders in these cities in order to raise 10 new staff members per city.

Jubilee leaders may be held accountable by consistent communication with regional representative and OA ministers. In their serving of church worship and fellowship activities, Jubilee leaders will hold dear the Word of God and guidance of church ministers.

The goal can be achieved by active evangelism and fellowship activities. Taking the advantage of the New Year's arrival, Jubilee can evangelize musically talented students who resolve to serve God with a passionate heart. Many students and young professionals may want to join a Christian chorus or worship band as a way to renew their faith. Jubilee can use this net of fellowship and the Word of God to catch abundant fish. Resources will be provided to Jubilee leaders and OA ministers for effective outreach of potential Jubilee members.

Worship events in each city to anticipate Easter retreat 2018

Jubilee membership can further be mobilized by holding worship events in each city, as a way to anticipate and recruit for Easter retreat in April 2018. From January, each city may begin recruiting members of Jubilee Worship, Jubilee Orchestra, Jubilee Chorus, and Jubilee Dance to engage in worship and praise nights. As new members involve more with each Jubilee chapters, we can guide them to attend this year's Easter retreat, advancing to deeper connection with Jubilee World and WOA. Jubilee North America will reinforce the quality and frequency of worship events according to each city's needs and progress.

Jubilee North America prays for the fruitfulness of the first quarter initiatives. As Psalm 126:5-6 says, "Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him." 2018 is the year of being courageous and enlarging the place of our tents. May every plan be supported by an abundance of prayer and the full trust in the Lord. May Jubilee glorify God's name starting the first month of 2018.