Mission Conference for Pastors and Ministers Held in New York

mission conference


The 2017 United States and Canada Mission Conference successfully concluded on December 27th after the closing service. Pastor John Vivian, the General Secretary of OA USA, delivered the message from 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 regarding Paul's simple but powerful encouragement to the church leaders to continue the basics of their faith in all circumstances and situations. During this conference, mission leaders were revived in their hearts and desire to go evangelize and renew their standards for the New Year.

Missionaries attended 4 different lectures. They were guided on how to acquire Olivet Centers, how to raise new leadership, how to evangelize more effectively, and how to renovate their buildings to be used as soon as possible. Additionally, leaders were guided to return to their basics of faith and to build a strong foundation in their churches. The structure of presbyteries was introduced and explained, the standards to be considered a proper presbytery. It was encouraged that this will be a new era in US mission, as missionaries have been strengthened and given a new vision for the coming year of 2018.

After the final lecture, pastors and ministers gathered in the afternoon for a time of presentations by fellowships and ministries. AM, YEF, OTM, Elim, Jubilee, and St. Luke Society all presented and communicated why their fellowships are important and how they are prepared to co-work together with churches to expand the mission field. The churches in DC and Atlanta presented their work from 2017 and their goals during 2018, as they had the best prepared vision for the coming year, which helped to encourage other missionaries and show them how to fit the model of evangelism and raising new leaders. Finally a presentation was given by OA USA regarding the TM HQ team that is working to grow US mission funds to better support the goal of 50 states and 50 OC's this year.

After the presentations concluded, the closing service was held. A seperate region leaders meeting was held to ensure that every effort will be made to continue the grace and vision that was established through this conference and to enter into a New Year successfully.