Crosspoint in Chicago Draws Teens to Know Gospel and Jesus

Chicago Teens

Crosspoint Community Church in Chicago, Illinois, is experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit showing hope and vision for teens in the city.

The pastor of the church shared the testimony of teenage boys and girls coming to the church to join diverse programs. It began with the small seed, Miguel, a fourteen year old high school student, who brought more than ten of his friends and siblings to the church. He loves the Words of God, studying Bible in the church and actively invites others to also join the program to know the Lord.

Crosspoint Church is conducting vibrant outreach programs apart from the church service and Bible study. Fellowship Meal, Sports, Music and Worship Training, Cooking activity, Language classes and many others are being continually developed to draw diverse people from the neighboring community. Church hopes to reach more teens to give them a chance to experience fellowship in the truth and love of Jesus.

Nearby Mckinley Park Neighborhood, the church location is easy for teens living in the residential surroundings to access and enjoy programs, not being distanced from their homes.

"There are many lonely tenagers seeking to know the Bible and the truth in this area. They are already in the age able to perceive the depth of the Words and Salvation. Before the depraved culture swallows them up, the church wishes to bring them to experience God's truth and His guidance," said Pastor Olivia Duckworth. "This is the way to prepare promising future of the community, raising teens in the Lord," she added.