Ministry Focus

Gospelizing Hospitals, Saint Luke Society's Prayerful Outreach


Saint Luke Society, the evangelical ministry of doctors and medical workers, released 2018 plan and direction for U.S. outreach mission.

The year 2018 is full of hope and promising to the medical ministry. The plan included a grand aim of expanding chapters to increase the membership.

SLS is communicating actively with Olivet Assembly churches and other fellowship chapters to set up a local staff talented in medical areas. Brochures and resources were shared with churches and introduced to pastors to reach local congregations.

"We made a strategy to reach 1,000 people newly and equip 150 new Christian medical leaders this year," Mr. Baton, the General Secretary of the ministry shared in the statement.

SLS gives a major focus on outreach and evangelism to bring doctors and medical workers to know the Gospel and Truth. Medical Universities and students are also the target of the effort to reach. The ministry is based in the fact that Jesus himself was a doctor and healer of man's souls, aiming to share healing comfort through the medical skills.

Apart from the close cooperation with churches, SLS proactively seeks to launch clinics in fields to fully utilize ministry's medical techniques to serve the sick. The project accompines with a recruitment plan of student volunteers, to also eventually bridge them to biblical experiences.

"Gospelization of the Hospital" is the foremost goal of their 2018 mission. May hands of healing reach many suffering in sickness to experience God's mercy.