Jubilee Church in Nashville Draws Christian Musicians

Jubilee Church

Jubilee Church in Nashville, Tennessee, is taking a unique approach to church growth through music-related events. 

The events "Worship Guitar & Piano Class" and "Praise Night" drew a number of people who have a desire to use their musical talents to praise and worship God. The Worship Guitar & Piano Class was held every Saturday at 2 pm and offers private lessons. Praise Night is regularly held on the last Friday of each month at 7 pm.  

The church is collaborating actively with the Jubilee College of Music and Jubilee World, a music fellowship, in laying out the programs and events. Staff members continue to post online outreach as well as inviting people on the different college campuses.

Joe Morris, a software developer currently serving as a volunteer guitar player, said, "Jubilee, and the family and support I found there has truly been a blessing. I feel honored to be able to contribute to furthering God's Kingdom, in the small things and the large. Whether it is through the worship team or helping to clean dishes after fellowship, I pray that God gives me the strength to give my best effort to support my brothers and sisters, in the small things and the large, and to continue to spread Jubilee. I love my little community."

Amari Harris, from Belmont University, also said, "I like Jubilee where I find the support and care for my growth in faith. Through the word and fellowship, I can be ready to do what God wants me to do." She is taking bible studies with the partnering campus ministry. 

Pastor Kim, an acting lead pastor of the church, holds a firm philosophy in music as a channel to bring people to Jesus Christ. She says, "I hope that the Jubilee Church can provide a platform for people to come and worship God in Nashville, that everyone would find in Jubilee a place where they can grow and experience the transformation of life by building up the Body of Christ together and proclaiming to all nations the Gospel message of hope, healing, and spiritual freedom."

The Jubilee College of Music is a school that trains and equips Christians musicians, based in the same building. The school seeks to found a profound relationship with churches to produce numerous musicians and worshippers who serve the mission.

Nashville church is planning to host more events in collaboration with school and fellowship to best respond to the city's musical aspiration and bring it to praise the Lord.