Prayer Offered in Faith Will Make The Sick Person Well


On February 19, the Washington DC Elim Chapter held a one day retreat in Bethel Church where members joined and received the abundant grace of God. Elim Staff in DC delivered the message on Acts 9 about  Saul's conversion. "We've all meditated on the deep grace of God upon calling a man such as Saul. The grace of God that revealed in Saul's calling came to us as well. The endless and fiery love of God toward such a sinner like us, who deserves death, melts down our impurities. He comes to us with unconditional love and when we reside in this light, our spirit can find true peace." The message gave everyone an opportunity to look back to the time when God also called them by His amazing love and grace.

Followed by the message, attendees had a time to reflect on the sermon. They drew their image before salvation and after. They wrote down their favorite praise song and then later shared with everyone why.

"Everyone had so much to share, we didn't have enough time. God's grace was overflowing," Samuel Kim, a head pastor of DC Bethel Church commented.

The last event of the retreat was a prayer for healing and family. Elim representatives prayed for members' prayer topics about physical and spiritual health.

Sachie, a member of the church, has been going through cancer treatment since stage IV, which called many members' heartfelt prayers. She wrote her testimony, "In my heart, it was really difficult to keep peace though it is important for healthy spirituality. But one thing that is really sure is there were so many people who were seriously praying for me. Many of you are the ones who seriously prayed for me. So I really thank you all very much. Finally after surgery to take out my tumor, all my cancer cells died and I became cancer-free by the grace of God."

They also prayed for members who wanted to receive prayer for their family.

"Through prophecy and prayer, everyone received a lot of encouragement and strength. We look forward to more Elim retreats in D.C.," one attendee shared.