National Mission Conference for OA Pastors to Cover Review and Direction of Church Growth


Olivet Assembly of USA will hold a one day mission conference on April 2nd, 2018 at the New York headquarters. This mission conference will follow the conclusion of the East Coast Easter Retreat.

The conference will invite Regional Representatives as well as State leaders and pastors. The meeting will cover presentations and review the first three months of mission in 2018 and reaffirm the major direction and goals set in the beginning of the year. 

OA churches and para-church organizations are aiming to fulfill the goal of planting 1,000 more churches and 100,000 membership growth in the country this year. 

The conference will include keynote messages from the leadership of WOA and OA organizations. Pastors and ministers will also have an opportunity to receive detailed information on upcoming summer programs and OLI trainings sponsored by OA USA. 

Strengthening local churches to thrive in respective communities is a key agenda in this meeting. Several pastors from successful churches will present their strategy and outcomes to encourage growth and development for the entire region.

Church growth analysis and statistics will be also presented and reviewed during the session. Please pray for the development of US churches during this time of Lent and looking forward towards Easter.