New York Immanuel Rebuilds Holistic Ministry for Community Outreach


NY Immanuel strives to bring a mission revival in the city through holistic mission approach. First of all, mission team was formed by collaborating with leaders of each ministry according to groups of music, youth, and teens. Currently, each minister based in NYC gather once every week to plan and discuss ways to bring many people.

In addition, they started a daily noon-time prayer where they earnestly pray for the mission revival in one heart. Progress is being made as Immanuel staff work with each different ministry on different locations such as NYU with YEF, Columbia with AM and Bronx with OTM. 

In addition to the local evangelism, NY Immanuel wishes to strengthen faith of current members by providing them with audio messages. By doing so, congregation is expected to continue to grow in faith and be encouraged to participate in church building together. As part of the plan, all the recorded messages are being compiled according to languages and soon the access will become available for members to listen remotely. 

Similarly, it is stressed that the current cell group system needs to be strengthened with clear purpose and direction. Cell group system can work as a platform where  small number of members gather and have a fellowship, thus being able to connect better to the church. A meeting with cell leaders are expected to take place to foster system that works to bring revival to the congregation. 

Furthermore, NY Immanuel has a long-term plan to revive OTCS Bible Seminary that was once offered to congregation as well as newcomers. This can be extended to as a form of a seminar in which guest lecturers from different ministries can deliver a message related to their particular field, namely prayer, education, family and mission. 

Most of all, renovation of the church is the foremost priority in order to accommodate many souls to be evangelized and to host church activities and fellowships at church. NY Immanuel leadership is praying that this can be done sooner that this year, NYC can experience a great mission revival, that will benefit also the community as whole. Please pray and participate together in the holistic mission movement of NY Immanuel.