Jubilee Cultural Events Broaden the Door of Evangelism

Nashville Church


Jubilee Church in Nashville has been attempting the different outreach classes to increase newcomers, service attendees, and church membership. 

During the first three months of this year, God brought various people to Chinese class, Worship Guitar class, and Cooking class. Some of them are introduced to Bible Studies and Service programs, which showed a steady growth in a number of participants in all church schedules. 

Jubilee Church formulates diverse membership programs and trainings to guide people to come to know the Gospel in different dimensions. 

Last Saturday, Richard who joined the cooking class by invitation of other member of the church said that he has not been praying for a long time although he was Christian since his childhood. The cultural program draws people to have intimate conversation and fellowship together to open hearts for knowing God more deeply through church's other programs. Richard expresses that he also wants to join other activity and event programs to be more involved in congregation life. 

People come by personal invitations and introductions of friends, families and colleagues. The minister of the church sees the effect of those diversifying programs that generates chain invitation and drawing of new people. 

The church builds up the natural relationship with newcomers and provide the opportunity for the newcomers to study God's word which is the most important for their lives. 

In upcoming months, Jubilee Church will open the Korean class and plan to resume the Chinese class. Currently, Worship Guitar and Piano class advertisements are newly announced to draw the musicians who have the heart to serve God. 

Please pray for God's guidance upon the outreach classes to bring the prepared souls to Jubilee Church. May the newcomer be able to learn the eternal truth and experience the deep love of God in their hearts.