From Cave Adullam to the Kingdom of God

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(Photo : OA USA)

Morning Devotion, held in Dover Immanuel on February 7, delivered about God's transforming power revealed through the four hundred people in the Cave Adullam. The preacher took out the scripture from 1 Samuel 22:1-2, with the title "From Adullam to the Kingdom of God". 

The background of this passage is when David was chased by King Saul hiding himself in the cave Adullam. Hearing that, household of David and also people who are in distressed, discontented, burdened with heavy debt gathered around him. David became their leader.

We all know the conclusion of this tearful story, a threatened man becoming a glorious king of Israel and his followers honored people of the kingdom. However, the beginning point of this group of people did not even display a glimpse of glory or power.  

What the story conveys so strongly is the fact that these people of deep scars, sorrow, and painful memory, did not become trapped in a dark, negative and pessimistic life view about themselves, but rather became united until they are revealed as main heroes of glorious Kingdom of David.

It is a story of love and forgiveness that profoundly resonated in the group of David's followers, covering all other flaws, ugly images, and scars. Instead of condemning, they comforted one another, loved one another. It is a representation of the community of truth, a model of how believers should form unity in Christ. 

People who didn't have anything to boast loved and cared one another. That was the reason why this group created a great history of the glorious kingdom.

Again, it is a story that God's people today should take as they dream of coming God's Kingdom on earth: They could be united and strengthened beyond their flaws and problems by this one vision of the future God has promised to their people. People mocked at the band of Jesus and his disciples, yet, the group shifted the history of humanity becoming a threshold to the new era. 

Bible teaches individual salvation, a personal level of encountering and experiencing the power of redemption through Jesus blood. It also reveals a grand world of history God has an initiative. The community these four hundred men formed in a dark dugeon like place throws a light how we, today, can also initiate and continue a work that advances His Kingdom.