Montreal Immanuel to Settle Olivet Center in Canada


Mission in Montreal is heading towards the goal of fully settling Olivet Center and Biblical College this year. 

Pastor Jefferson Kim, a minister of Immanuel in Montreal, has been leading the project for three years and hopeful as long time work of documents and legal procedure are going to bear fruit. 

The church takes top priority work as a training and equipping new staff team who will be the major manpower to operate the large centers. Olivet Center in Montreal will cover three fold mission including Church, Business and Education. Kim has been actively collaborating with respective ministries in U.S. to launch local network in Canada. 

The Olivet University in Montreal will offer various structures such as elementary school and higher education schools. In addition, it shared that the Olivet Center have vocation schools that provide carpentry courses and construction classes. Lastly, the OC will be able to completely accommodation the capacity of 100 people including families.

Pastor Kim and the staff of the church are in a hopeful expectation that these two projects will not only local mission in Montreal but also in Canada as well as the French speaking countries overseas. "As the location and the cultural elements of the city contain great potential for international mission, the two institutions will serve as a hub of a great mission development beyond the city, Kim," said.