2018 New York Easter Retreat Concluded in the Grace of God

2018 New York Easter Retreat


The 2018 New York Easter Retreat in North America successfully concluded today, April 1st after the closing service delivered by Pastor John Vivian. He delivered the message from Luke 24:13-35, regarding the disciples who met the resurrected Jesus in their walk heading to Emmaus.

The sermon highlighted the scene where two disciples were walking towards the village called Emmaus, being saddened and discouraged by the crucificion of the Lord. Jesus appeared to them and expounded newly in regards to the meaning of suffering of the Lord and deep theory of atonement. The heart of disciples was warmed and they could open their eyes to recognize the resurrected Lord when they participated in breaking bread carried out by Jesus. 

The preacher encouraged everyone to seek to participate in breaking bread, Lord's suffering and sacrifice, to fully open their eyes to see Jesus who resurrected. The Cross was love, fully demonstrated as unconditional forgiveness of God towards sinful mankind. When believers truly understand profound meaning of Lord's sacrifice and death on the Cross, they can also experience powerfuly resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

The sermon exhorted that believers should not walk backward in disappointment and remourse in times of suffering but go towards Jerusalem like these two disciples after realizing the deeply embedded meaning of the Cross. Ignorance of the meaning of suffering and sacrifice causes fall back of many Christians who hopelessly go back to the world. 

The three-day retreat reminded the climactic point of Jesus life, death and resurrection. Churches in the East Coast of the United States joined with their congregants to celebrate the Easter event. The retreat also included Friday night prayer, Worship event, Group fellowships as well as Lectures focused on the Book of John from Chapter 13 until 20.