Crosspoint in Chicago Draws Teens to Know Gospel and Jesus
1.4 2018 | Congregation

Crosspoint Community Church in Chicago, Illinois, is experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit showing hope and vision for teens in the city. The pastor of the church shared the testimony of teenage boys and girls coming to the church to join diverse programs. It began with the small seed, Miguel, a fourteen year old high school student, who brought more than ten of his friends and siblings to the church. He loves the Words of God, studying Bible in the church and actively invites others to also join the program to know the Lord.

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Detroit Dreams of Revival Through Calvary Church
1.3 2018 | Congregation

Calvary Community Church in Detroit, Michigan, released the January project for evangelism and the program of the church in the mission news. Evangelism Campaign was initiated with the verse, "Fill the Jars with Water" in the Book of John 2 verse 7.

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OA Churches Pre-Christmas Events to Remind of the True Meaning of Christmas
12.15 2017 | Congregation

OA Churches in the United States and Canada shared the plan for their Pre-Christmas Event to remind of the true meaning of Christmas. It is a season to reflect on the love of God in sending forth His one and only son, Jesus Christ, for man.

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Detroit Calvary Church Holds Graceful Gospel Concert
11.16 2017 | Congregation

Detroit Calvary Church held a gospel concert on November 4th. Gospel Concert was played with eight gospel songs about Jesus' grace and God's love. On the day, Ministar of the Church preached the salvation of God through love, grace, and faith for sinners.

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