Minister Job Post

Full Time
Salary: Undisclosed

Olivet Assembly is seeking to hire a full-time minister to conduct religious worship and perform other spiritual functions to promote our Christian community. This job requires at minimum, a bachelors’ degree in divinity or related field.

To fulfill the purpose of Olivet Assembly, a minister, leads and supervise local church. He / She is in charge of church development in the region, transforming evangelism, local communities, and each person into God's love, and growing them into leaders for the kingdom of God.

Job Responsibilities

  • • Teach, train and lead church members to be personal witnesses of their faith
  • • Prepare and present sermons and lectures
  • • Lead services such as worship services, weddings, baptisms and funeral proceedings
  • • Guide spiritual growth of members and attendees through prayer, counseling and Bible studies
  • • Develop teaching materials and other resources
  • • Assist the senior pastor, church staff and members in outreach and other community ministries
  • • Oversee the regular and organized visitation of the church through planning, organizing and evaluating
  • • Continuously research and keep informed on evangelistic and witnessing resources,materials, methods and administration