Ministry Focus
Jubilee St.Louis Welcomes a Professional Orchestra Manager
9.12 2017 | Ministry Focus

Jubilee St.Louis Orchestra welcomed a new manager, Kathy Nix. She is a professional oboe player and was an orchestra musician for the Jubilee World 15th anniversary concert. She testified Jubilee world's beautiful vision and expressed her interest in serving this ministry.

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OTM Increases Networking with US Missionaries to Raise Leaders
9.7 2017 | Ministry Focus

Olivet Teen mission is networking more with US church ministers to develop the formation of leaders specialized in ministering to teenagers in the country.

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Olivet Teen Mission Announces Goals & Focuses towards GA
9.5 2017 | Ministry Focus

OTM has set its goals and focuses towards the OA General Assembly. Now chapters and ministry staff are uniting efforts to complete these goals by the end of October in order for OTM to have a strong foundation at the national and local level.

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AM Harvard Begins With New Heart & Great Hope for Fall Semester
8.22 2017 | Ministry Focus

AM Harvard will resume its activities in the last week of August as the fall semester begins. There is a great hope for new advancements in the mission there.

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