Ministry Focus
Art Fellowship Presents Lenten Artworks
2.22 2018 | Ministry Focus

Creatio presented art works produced by members and Christian art school students. Art ministry members based in Olivet College of Art and Design, Riverside, LA, created images and drawings related with the Lenten topic. The aim was to help local churches and Christian fellowships to utilize images for forty day special period programs until Easter.

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Faith & Family Seminar for Pastors, "How to Guide People to Biblical Family Building"
2.2 2018 | Ministry Focus

The seminar for OA pastors and ministers was held on "How to Guide People to Biblical Marriage and Family" in New York on January 26th, hosted by Faith & Family Foundation. The program aimed to help church leaders deeply understand the biblical path for singles in the process of marriage and building a family.

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Gospelizing Hospitals, Saint Luke Society's Prayerful Outreach
1.18 2018 | Ministry Focus

Saint Luke Society, the evangelical ministry of doctors and medical workers, released 2018 plan and direction for U.S. outreach mission.

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Music Ministry Aims to Launch New Chapters in 15 Cities of U.S. and Canada
1.3 2018 | Ministry Focus

The music ministry, Jubilee North America, released a goal of U.S. and Canada mission. By March of 2018, the ministry aims to launch new chapters in 15 cities that include New York City, Nashville, San Francisco, Detroit, Montreal (CAN), Chicago, Washington, D. C., Atlanta, Seattle, and Toronto (CAN),Boston, New Haven, San Diego, Houston, and Vancouver (CAN).

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