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World Olivet Assembly (WOA) is a global gathering of evangelical churches and para-church organizations existing for the advancement of world mission.

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Devotional & Prayer Guide

Frequency: Monthly
Annual Cost: $12/year (U.S.); free online The Global Prayer Digest is a unique devotional booklet. Each day it gives a glimpse of what God is doing around the world, and what still remains. LEARN

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Academic Journal

Frequency: 4 issues per year
Annual Cost: $18 a year
International Journal of Frontier Missiology.

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Lay-Level Missiology Magazine

Frequency: every 2 months
Annual Cost: $18 Donation
A bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the establishment of movements to Christ within each of the world's peoples.

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Magazine & Sunday School Program

Learn about the world and God's work through the Global Xpress. Options exist for every child, family, and church.

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Book Publisher

Publishing and distributing mission books and other resources since 1969.

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WEA Resources

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is the umbrella organization for 128 national Evangelical Alliances representing 600 million Christians globally.

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The World Evangelical Theological Institute Association (WETIA) is a non-profit organization linking a global network of evangelical theological colleges and seminaries through the application of information technology.

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